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Project Galileo Observatory

Photo of the remote controllable observatory

In 2000, the College was donated a telescope and camera for pupils from schools around the region to be able to use as part of their science lessons and extra curricular activities.

The Physics Department runs the telescope, now installed in its own remote-controllable observatory (see left), which can be used by pupils for both GCSE and Post-16 lessons. A recent example of the Orion Nebula taken remotely via the internet, with the Observatory, can be seen below.

The Project Galileo observatory is run by the staff and students and is currently available for other schools to use through bi-termly astronomy evenings held in conjunction with the Bristol Astronomical Society.

If you would like to get involved with Project Galileo, visit the external website or sign up to the Project Galileo Mailing List, where you will also find forthcoming dates for the astronomy evenings run by the College. - Project Galileo

Photo of the Orion Nebula, taken on Clifton College's telescope
10 second image of the Orion Nebula, taken in March 2008 with the College’s main science camera. Click on the image to view it and other images taken with the observatory.

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