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Katie James
Upper Sixth
Worcester House

ET v WoH debate

ET v WoH debate

East Town vs Worcester House debate: ‘This house believes that we have been visited by aliens from another world’

The second of this term’s debates posed a fascinating question, and while East Town proposed the motion that ‘this house believes that we’ve been visited by aliens from another world’, Worcester were tasked with opposing the motion. Being a loyal Worcester girl myself I must first warn you that while I promise to try and be as impartial as possible, this review may present a slight bias in favour of the best House of all … Worcester!

In a preliminary vote taken by the debate’s chairperson, last week’s keen debater Harry Shanker of Wiseman’s, the motion was carried. East Town’s first speaker Chris Weale had everybody’s attention with his polite speaking style and use of mild humour. A key factor outlined in his speech which was to shape the debate, was the very clever attempt at almost reinterpreting the motion. East Town declared that if something entered our atmosphere, then it had reached our planet, and that an alien could be any life form, for example micro-organisms.

This was a crafty, though very clever tactic and meant that Worcester faced later problems. Another very interesting point which Chris made was that lack of human evidence, was not enough to disprove the motion, and this sparked an interesting tug of war of the importance of evidence (or lack of), which continued through the debate. A further controversial point was made during this speech as a result of a very clever point of information from Worcester; Siobhan argued that if such bacteria were entering the Earth, surely it would not be able to survive the high atmospheric temperatures?

Worcester began their examination of the motion with Siobhan Hartnoll’s confident address. She focussed on how people are influenced greatly by the media, dealt well with James Kenny’s intelligent point of information regarding abductions and ended with a very impressive summary of facts. During Siobhan’s speech, a very mysterious event took place in the Redgrave Theatre which I think it’s safe to say has never occurred before! An alien appeared, it seemed out of nowhere, and suspiciously made its way across the stage behind the speaker. Unsurprisingly, the whole of the Sixth Form burst into roars of hysterics at the unknown pupil modelling the scary alien mask, and given that I’m pretty certain it was nobody from Worcester, credit must go to East Town for actually providing their own evidence to support their motion that aliens have visited Earth. It did provide great comic value, and scored highly with the audience.

James Heaven, East Town’s second speaker noted the importance of the Drake Formula, suggesting that given the millions of planets in space, the probability of there being some other life form is very high. James took an interesting take on evidence from the Bible and provided a very strong argument proposing the motion. Joanne Moffat was next to speak and emphasised the fact that in order for aliens to have reached the Earth, they would have to be an intelligent life form, more intelligent than humans, and told the story of a couple who claimed they’d seen aliens, only to disprove their reasoning which was a clever and effective technique to use.

This debate aroused great controversy amongst everyone and many intelligent questions were once again posed to the debaters. Claire Moffat, was the third and final speaker for Worcester, and really emphasised the clear lack of evidence of alien invasion. The second Moffat twin argued that according to NASA there is no concrete evidence; competently answered the questions from the floor; and cleverly avoided the idea of creationism. James Kenny closed East Town’s proposition very skilfully. He agreed that as of yet, the Earth hasn’t been visited by the UFO green monsters that many depict aliens to be, but reiterated East Town’s critical definition, and emphasised that instead they may have come in the form of micro-organisms. Kenny left us with the idea that, considering the Earth has been in existence for over 4.5 billion years, there must have been alien presence here for at least one second?

A secondary vote amongst the audience was taken and interestingly this time the motion was carried. Perhaps the appearance of the mysterious East Town alien contributed to this?

In Mr Hasthorpe’s witty evaluation, he concluded that though the timing of the speeches this week were not as accurate as they should have been, it was a very closely fought debate, and although he didn’t necessarily agree with them, for such a strong conclusion, the debate had to go to East Town.

I am pleased to say that Worcester junior debaters were fortunate to win their first round though, so we’ll all be supporting them in round two. Good luck to East Town in the next round, and we look forward to the next debate after exeat.

29 November 2010

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