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Emily King
Upper Sixth
Hallward's House

Hugo Lau (Recorder) — Lunchtime Recital

Hugo Lau (Recorder) — Lunchtime Recital

Hugo Lau — praeposter, linguist, friend, witty peer, and musician. He was even known to have asked before the Recital whether indeed we were in fact ready to ‘barock and roll’. Unlike most, Hugo felt he needed to make some form of dramatic entrance and in true Hugo style; he glided into the room to a hearty round of applause. He began firstly by speaking about the recorder with a rather in-depth knowledge and charm — mentioning that he would be playing the treble recorder, as well as demeaning those of us who would mock the instrument itself, in all its fine woody glory. He commenced with ‘Fantasie in G Minor’ unaccompanied, showing off very evidently his obvious talent at moving his fingers as fast as humanly possible and playing both terrifically high and low notes within seconds. It is true; the recorder does have a lovely sort of mellow tone to it that when unaccompanied, resonates around the whole room.

Next, and unfortunately lastly on the agenda was ‘Sonata in F Major’ by J.S.Bach accompanied this time, and made up of four movements. This began in a lyrical, lullaby-esque manner with Hugo showing the recorder’s true potential as an instrument. The next movement, similar to the last one, became much more upbeat and a lot more complex in speed as well as rhythm. The third movement again, was eerily beautiful and certainly demonstrated Hugo’s immense musical proficiency. As an unbiased third party member of the audience, as well as inept recorder-ist (is that a word?) I would have to say that although my recorder knowledge is lacking, I definitely enjoyed not only hearing Hugo play it, but also the little spiel about the pieces and the recorder itself — rather unique and interesting.

So, unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, you won’t be seeing me up there playing the recorder any time soon; but if you haven’t already seen Hugo perform, or even if you have, I thoroughly urge you to go and have a listen.

28 January 2011

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