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Eloise Ladkin
Upper Sixth
Hallward's House

House Art 2010

House Art 2010

The House Art competition took place at 7.30pm on Sunday the 28th of November straight after the Advent Carol Service in Chapel. The Art Department on the top floor of the Tribe was bedecked by massive boards filled with a myriad of work from all ages. Each House had an area and this year’s competition was adjudicated by Phil Walker, the exhibitions manager for galleries around Bristol — including the infamous Banksy vs the Bristol Museum’s exhibition in the summer of 2009.

Before announcing his chosen winners of the prizes Mr Walker said a few words about his career and his life as a man of arts management and explained how important Bristol was as a centre for Art in the country as a whole. The display was very impressive from each House and showed that every House has talent in this area, which is thanks to the excellent teaching at Clifton and each one deserved to win. All the House Art representatives put a huge amount of effort into their House displays and so, quite rightly so, Walker proceeded to thank everyone involved for the efforts that produced a competition of such a high standard.

He began with the prize for the best Third Form boy, which was won by Yoo Je Hoang from North Town, then the prize for best Third Form girl which went to Polly Chapel from my own house, Hallward’s House. He then went onto announce the prizes for best Fourth Form boy and girl which were won by Jack Scrutton from South Town and then Liza Pasyada from Oakeley’s House. Then moving into Fifth Form, the winner of the Fifth Form painting prize was Francesca Fyske from Worcester House, the Fifth Form drawing prize was Johnnie Gill of ET and the Fifth Form sculpture prize went to Angus Cheung from Moberly’s House.

Moving into the Sixth Form, prizes included more categories for competition, including photography. The Lower 6th drawing prize went to Katie McInally from Hallward’s House. The Lower Sixth painting prize went to Ryan Son of Watson’s House, the Lower Sixth photography prize went to Emily Young from Oakeley’s House and finally the Lower Sixth sculpture prize went to Charlie Bullimore of North Town. The Upper Sixth prize for drawing went to Frankie Tromans from West Town, the Upper Sixth painting went to Naomi Warner Hughes, also from West Town, the Upper Sixth sculpture prize went to Lauren Tang from Oakeley’s House and the Upper Sixth photography prize went to Zoe Crook from Oakeley’s House, concluding with the Third, Fourth and Fifth Form House photography prizes going to Ianthe Huntington from Hallward’s House. This meant that the overall winner was Oakeley’s House as they received the most individual prizes for their work throughout the year groups — well done Oakeley’s!

We all look forward to next year to see the work that adds to the spectacular display that always appears as a consequence of a year’s hard painting, drawing, sculpting and photography.

28 January 2011

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