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Eloise Ladkin
Upper Sixth
Hallward's House

‘Fine Arts Brass’ Concert

‘Fine Arts Brass’ Concert

The five members of the ‘Fine Art Brass’ walked into Chapel at 7.35pm, after an introduction from James Hills, our Head of Music. The leader of the group gave a short introduction explaining how the group was formed before they began with their first piece ‘Igniting Breath’. This opened with clapping hands — much to the audience’s surprise. The attention of the ‘crowd’ now stimulated the group performed two instantly recognisable but cleverly arranged pieces by Rossini and Giazotto, before the Chapel Choir (myself included) performed our pieces. Our first piece was ‘I Was Glad’ by Parry; arranged by Paul Walton and our second ‘Oh Clap Your Hands’ by Ralph Vaughan Williams; arranged by Simon Lenton, both rousing pieces sung with real gusto and fantastically accompanied by the French horn, trumpet, double bass and percussion of ‘Fine Art Brass’.

The first two pieces had gripped all of the audience and particularly those in the Chapel Choir. The speed at which the fingers of the trumpet players’ moved to play the different notes intrigued all and we were suddenly more interested in the concert than we had anticipated, it being on a Friday evening at the end of a long week. After we had sung our two songs, the group then performed the ‘Brass Quintet No 1 by Malcolm Arnold’, comprising of three movements, one of which is now the backing to the ‘Stella Artois’ advert.

After the interval Fine Arts Brass’ performed five numbers composed in the twenties and pre-First World War. They were great fun and of varying tempo ranging from the Ragtime of Irving Berlin to Fats Waller’s Valentine Stomp. It was then the turn of the newly formed ‘Chamber Choir’, their piece was the very last one of the concert. Unusually it was half spoken; half sung and included a lovely solo by Elleri Hughes (WT). The evening’s atmosphere brightened as the concert went on and thanks to Mr Hills, Mr Robson and the playing of Mr Drinkwater in support of the professionals it was a resounding success. It is to be hoped that ‘Fine Arts Brass’ will join us again in the future.

Mr Hills conducting the brass band

9 February 2011

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