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Frances Buist Lunchtime Recital

Frances Buist Lunchtime Recital

I must be completely honest, I came to this recital utterly unprepared, not knowing the musical styles that Frances plays, or indeed (rather shamefully) what instrument(s) she played them on. The entire Oakeley’s House turned up to this performance, some slightly late which delayed the start somewhat. Well, it turns out that Miss Frances Buist is both a pianist and cellist, and actually she’s quite good at both disciplines. And by quite good, I mean really rather exceptional.

An extremely atmospheric opening number followed (which unfortunately I didn’t quite catch the name of), with her demonstrating a rather beautiful flowing style. The piece was very well introduced, with a real sense of calm and composure that has often been lacking at previous lunchtime recitals. This first piece was one which really allowed the listener to relax into it and unlike certain previous numbers I have listened to through my stint as a correspondent for the website, this was a genuine pleasure to listen to.

Next, Fran made the move to the cello, accompanied by Mr Drinkwater on the piano, she proceeded to perform with incredible versatility, Camille Saint-Saens’s Allegro Appassionato. Now I have never been a huge fan of the piano/cello combination, feeling that in order for the quality of the cello’s tone to be expressed, a deeper texture is needed as an accompaniment, which is in part why the probably most famous female cellist; Jacqueline du Pré’s performance with an orchestra tend to be her most memorable. Despite this, this turned out to be a memorable performance; you really could see her growing in confidence as the piece went on, and as a result, her playing improved dramatically in terms of the flourishes she added.

For the final piece, Fran made the move back to the piano stool, to take on the challenge of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Rondo, an incredibly intricate intro, this was evidently Fran’s signature piece; she really seemed to enjoy playing it, and as a result, it was a much more captivating performance than the previous two numbers. One thing Miss Buist may appreciate hearing is that I was sitting behind a man who I believe to be her piano teacher, and the nods of approval must confirm to her what a good performance it was.

Overall, a really enjoyable 15 minutes, next up is Josh Dyer on the 15th of February, I would highly recommend going … just saying.

12 February 2011

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