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Josh Dyer
Upper Sixth
South Town

Acoustic Guitar Night

Acoustic Guitar Night

Acoustic night is one of my favourite School events, consisting of musicians who perform for the love of it, and attracting a small intimate audience who listen for the pleasure of it, there is just a lovely atmosphere at each one of these events. It was a slightly different acoustic night than previous events, usually organized by Jerry Crozier-Cole, he was unable to make it, and so the proverbial reins of ‘power’ were handed to Mr Drinkwater and singing teacher Charlotte Ridley.

There are always a mass of performers at these events, so to any who have slipped my mind, I am extremely sorry. We opened the Acoustic Guitar Night with an act that lacked not only an acoustic guitar but in fact lacked any instrument what-so-ever. Tim Pocock, Chris Lee and Vic Trey Hall treated us to a ridiculous, absurd but brilliant beat-box/rap/I don’t even know what Tim was doing. Unbelievably though, it worked. I mean it really worked.

Two more conventional acts followed, Esther Kajeme with a genuinely stunning version of Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’, and a slightly hit and miss cover of Mumford and Sons’ ‘Winter Winds’ came from Lucas Mosquita, accompanied by Dylan Trenouth.

Jumping around slightly, I’d like to mention two acts at once now; I was rather under the impression that following the departure of Loxley Coates and to a much lesser extent myself, that apart from Roscoe Crawley, there would be no other quality acoustic guitarists remaining. It turns out that I could not have been more wrong, with some really impressive performances coming from Ed Simms and Dan Darvill. Ed Simms provided a really technical display of his tapping skills, and Dan performed a song by one of my favourite guitarists, Andy McKee. McKee’s songs are notoriously difficult, yet Dan gave a really relaxed and composed performance that really flowed rather beautifully.

The duo of Amelia Streatfeild-James and Roscoe Crawley are a regular fixture at acoustic nights and it is a brilliant combination, with stunning vocals backed by gorgeous guitar. Tonight however, following a great performance with Roscoe, Amelia followed with a solo effort, proving those guitar lessons have been put to good use.

Speaking of newcomers to the discipline of guitar I feel I must mention James Moore, admittedly I did not give his guitar skills much respect in past encounters, however he has really upped his game, and you mustn’t forget that it is a former choir boy we are talking about here, add those factors together and you come up with a performer of real merit.

Tom Jones provided a soulful performance (and incidentally has the best name ever), and Johnny Graham proved that very occasionally, rugby players can sing in tune, and actually he really was rather good.

I feel for modesty’s sake I should gloss over mine and Harry Crawley’s performance, but let us be honest, we were amazing…

The Trenouth brothers are another regular fixture at Acoustic Nights and rightly so, given their rather annoyingly good musical abilities. Jonah treated us to two numbers, the first being a Radiohead song, which displayed his considerable vocal abilities; the second being a jazz improvisation of real quality. His brother Dylan, whilst lacking Jonah’s keyboard skills, makes up for it with a strong voice and an ability to write songs of decent quality.

Loxley Coates has always irritated me, I have always been trying to catch him up, copy his techniques; but I feel he has somewhat eluded me this time, displaying an incredible tapping technique, following the style of Erik Mongrain, this was a performance at a professional level.

All that is left then is to mention yet another regular duo; Venetia and Ed Simms, this time accompanied by Dan Darvill, they treated us to one of my personal favourite songs of all time; ‘American Girls’ by Counting Crows. Lovely harmonies between the brother and sister duo, and solid instrumentation from all concerned led this to be a brilliant closing number to a top night of music. Well done to all.

11 March 2011

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