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A Final Musical Offering

A Final Musical Offering

So then, it seems that this is to be my final column, time to say goodbye to my hopefully vast, but more likely miniscule contingent of readers. It’s been an emotional journey.

For those of you who haven’t read any of my previous offerings (and why not?) my role this year was to review the various musical events that occur throughout the School year. I attempted to do so with a keen sense of impartiality and decorum. It is safe to say that I failed on both fronts, but I do hope they made something of a mildly entertaining read.

Occasionally however, it just so happened that there was nothing to report on within a given week, and so I tended to use this time to write a column where I attempted to impress my music taste upon you; the unsuspecting public. This, I have decided, is to be one of those days, and I am going to provide you with the names and backgrounds of five bands, the knowledge of which may or may not improve your lives for the better.

Sublime. Image taken from

First on this whistle stop tour through the musical world of Josh is ‘Sublime’. One of the most influential bands of the early 90’s, they blended all the musical styles they could get their hands on including hip-hop, punk, and most importantly reggae, into a package like which no one had ever heard before. There is no better band to provide the soundtrack to the coming summer months.

Track to listen to: ‘What I Got
If you’re willing to spend a little money: The album ‘40oz to Freedom’ is an all-time favourite of mine.

Gaslight Anthem. Image taken from

Next up is The Gaslight Anthem, a band introduced to me by one Rhys Edwards. Hailing from New Jersey, they take their influences from their hometown brethren Bruce Springsteen and the punk godfathers The Clash. What this has given is a quality band characterised by beautiful lyricism accompanied by a resounding punch to the face with the delivery.

Track to listen to: ‘Miles Davis and the Cool
If you’re willing to spend a little money: The album ‘The ’59 Sound’ is worth every penny.

Bedouin Soundclash. Image taken from

Bedouin Soundclash are another band that bring a definite ‘summer’ sound to the ears, known mostly for providing the song on that ‘Orange’ advert, they are a reggae band of true quality, hailing from Toronto, Canada of all places. They are a must for the coming months.

Track to listen to: ‘When the Night Fills my Song
If you’re willing to spend a little money: ‘Sounding a Mosaic’.

Flogging Molly. Image taken from

Flogging Molly, a band with a name that makes you feel a little uncomfortable when it comes to typing their name into Google. This is a band of that odd genre known as Irish Punk, a genre which to be honest does exactly what it says on the tin, fusing traditional Irish music with mohawks and tattoos. Not for everyone I would be the first to admit, but please, please give it a go.

Track to listen to: ‘What’s Left of the Flag
If you’re willing to spend a little money: Filled with violins and screaming, ‘Drunken Lullabies’ is a must.

Angus and Julia Stone. Image taken from

Finally comes brother and sister duo Angus and Julia Stone, called by a friend of mine as being a ‘continuous, unrelenting stream of lullabies’, whilst this is true, it does not mean in any way that they are a ‘gay’ band as a slightly less eloquent and politically correct friend of mine stated. It is beautiful music, which I can absolutely promise you will love.

Track to listen to: ‘Just a Boy
If you’re willing to spend a little money: From the beautiful artwork to the gorgeous melody, ‘A Book Like This’ is a masterpiece.

So that’s it, take the time to listen to these offerings and most importantly, just take a little time to look outside the charts, it’ll be worth it. I promise.

6 April 2011

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