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Estere Kajema
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I keep dancing on my own

I keep dancing on my own

Robin Miriam Carlsson, also known as Robyn, is a 32-year-old Swedish singer and songwriter. Even though she was performing back in the nineties, she only became widely famous in 2005, when her number one hit "With Every Hearbeat" was released. It is very hard to call Robyn mainstream though, she is absolutely and utterly unique, there is no one like her. The first moment I saw her tour dates on Myspace I hesitated, and got tickets a couple of hours before the actual show. Ironically, it was one of the best concerts I have ever attended.

Robyn’s music is very diverse — there are keyboards, drums, a little bit of dubstep, dancehall, house-music involved. Her music will not let you stay on your feet — in a one second time you will be jiving and jumping. Her music contains both breathtaking tunes and beats, and very deep and touching lyrics. She believes in what she is singing, she listens to herself. My favourite songs are "None of Dem", which was written with Royksopp, "Don’t tell me what to do", which is written by both Robyn and Klas Ahlund, "Indestructible" and "Caesar", which was recorded with Coco Sumner (also known as I Blame Coco).

When my friend Lizzii and I entered the audience, I was very much surprised by how many different people attended the gig. There were ladies and gentlemen of my parents’ age, young hipsters and college students. It is fair to say that the biggest part of the audience was filled with people who are enjoying their privacy.

Mr Beasley performed as an opening act and I have really enjoyed their music, it was very electronic with a little bit of dubstep. As soon as I got back home, I got their album on iTunes, and I have to admit that it is absolutely worth it. I am very much looking forward to seeing their solo gig.

After their rather short (only 45 minutes long) performance, Robyn went out on the stage. She is a very short and tiny girl, but a gorgeous one. There was no moment when she would stay on the same place, she kept moving, dancing, jumping all the time. She started off with "Stars 4-Ever", and went on "Criminal Intent", "Dancing On My Own", "Robotboy", "Handle Me", and a very popular "Be Mine!". The audience was jumping up and down, singing along, crying and kissing. Robyn was giving Bristol an incredible energy as a gift. I know that I will probably never forget that night and I cannot wait to see Robyn live again. I absolutely suggest everyone to buy her new album called "Body Talk", it is impossible not to enjoy such positive and energetic music!

5 October 2011

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