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Ocean Critchley-Clark
Upper Sixth
Oakeley's House

Art Trip

Art Trip

On the 11th of October, the entire art department embarked on an educational trip to London. We set off at 8am and travelled for 3 hours, mostly sleeping or catching up on some art homework, with some interesting debates about art, contemporary and classical, and some thrilling conversations about artists such as Rubens and Bernini.

Toby, Milla, Ocean amd Estere outside the National Gallery

Upon arrival at 11am, we split into groups and began exploring the galleries. Whilst Fine Art, Ceramics and Photography classes spent their afternoon in the Victoria and Albert Museum making sketches and gaining inspirational ideas, the History of Art Upper Sixth class, including myself, hitched a ride in a taxi to London’s National Gallery, which is home to the national collection of Western European painting from 13th to 19th centuries. As we walked around the gallery looking at the paintings we are studying this year, we were all showing off our fabulous new class tops — which state our love for the art historian Simon Schama. The photograph shows his four biggest fans; Toby Pyrke, Milla Jupp, Ocean Critchley-Clark and Estere Kajema outside the National — hoping to get spotted by someone who could make it possible for the great Mr Schama to come to Clifton College and give a lecture… Nothing yet! Unfortunately, Mrs Skatun refused to wear a shirt stating that she “hearts” Simon Schama the most.

We spent the majority of our short time there admiring the skills of artists such as Claude, Lebrun, Caravaggio and Rembrandt — mostly the 17th century. It is remarkable how much more helpful it is to see the real piece of art than to study it from books, a point which seems obvious really — maybe we should have more frequent art trips?

Meanwhile, the Ceramics were getting new ideas from the sculpture at the Victoria and Albert’s impressive collection. The art students were busily building up their sketchbooks with drawings and annotations about which ever pieces of art were relevant to their current projects. Photography students were learning about new techniques and new photographers, and also got a close up look of some home-made pinhole cameras!

When we were back on the bus, there was endless chatter about the art we had all witnessed and how we were going to use the information we had gained to further develop our own work and ideas. Many of the things that were being said were such as: “It was inspirational”, “I know what I want to do now, finally!” Overall a greatly beneficial day out for all involved.

20 October 2011

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