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Zoe Ward
Upper Sixth
Worcester House

Evita: Behind the Scenes

Evita: Behind the ScenesHair and make-up backstage

Hundreds of people, young and old, have been mesmerised by the production of Evita that was staged this week by the pupils of Clifton College. The beautiful and extravagant show was held under the direction and vision of the lovely Mrs Karen Pickles (extremely superstitious by the way, wearing her ‘Uggs’ every night with her cocktail dresses, as she wore them throughout rehearsals).

I was lucky enough to have been backstage every night throughout production week, so I have experienced many emotions and events first hand! Nerves, excitement, hectic wardrobe, not to mention Fifth Form boys having lipstick put on them — their ‘street cred’ was almost in tatters with the amount of blusher on their cheeks!

Hair and make-up backstage

Marienella Phillips is an absolute superstar who played her role of Evita with passion and flair. However nerves and tension was high at the beginning of the week as she suffered with a horrible case of laryngitis. A microphone was waiting in the wings in case Mrs Pickles had to come and cover for Marie’s poorly voice — luckily Marienella is an extremely strong tough personality and she battled on through.

The first performance was to the Pre on Tuesday afternoon and as you can imagine you could almost cut the atmosphere with a knife. Everyone was made up, hair done (by the skilful Angela Voke-Jewitt) in the most appropriately ravishing styles, and costumes were on; curtain call came, and they were on.

Hair and make-up backstage

I had never been privy to the goings-on backstage at a Clifton School play until now — I wish I could be here for another year and reprise my role as make-up assistant! Some may say when you’re part of the backstage crew you miss out on actually watching the performance, but wise woman Mrs Taplin once told me “it is a privilege to work behind the scenes” and she is absolutely correct. There are many happenings which you are unaware of solely as a member of the audience; Mrs Pickle’s exciting warm ups to Diana Ross’ You Can’t Hurry Love, which has the ensemble breaking into peals of giggles and Mrs Taplin’s constant yummy food provisions (Terry’s Chocolate Orange) being just one example.

I can’t list everything to really experience what goes on behind the scenes, so volunteer to help out next year, because trust me it is worth it!

Hair and make-up backstage

A massive thank you to the backstage crew who make the show possible; Mrs Pickles, Mr Robson, Miss Lewarne, Mr Fells, Miss Parkinson, Kiefer Spencer, Matt Thomas, Mrs Black, Mrs Taplin, Mrs Voke-Jewitt, Mr Baker, Mrs Williams, Josh Crocker, Elizabeth Webb, Katie McInally, Josh Pafford, Charles Vaughan, Julia Burmeister, Simona Deifta, Milla Jupp, Sarah Ma, Lizzie Powell, Tom Smith, Lucy Tucker, Ellice Harding, and Elvis Sekibo.

See Christopher Weale’s article, Evita: The Performance.

18 November 2011

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