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Ocean Critchley-Clark
Upper Sixth
Oakeley's House

House Art 2011

House Art 2011

In the Clifton College art world, the House Art Competition is an intense event with some fierce competition between all the Houses; East Town, North Town, South Town, Moberly’s, School House, Watson’s, Wiseman’s, Oakeley’s, West Town, Hallward’s and Worcester. There is an Art representative from each House who collects pieces of work, either painting, drawing, sculpture or photography, and sets it up in a display — some Houses decide to set their work up with a theme, such as Worcester with their winter wonderland and Oakeley’s with their own spin on the Salon des Paris.

Piece from House Art 2011

On Sunday 27th of November 2011 at 7.30pm pupils, teachers and parents gathered into the art studios at the top of the Tribe building and crowded around the House displays to see the great standard of art on show. Prizes were awarded by Mr John Grice — Head of Art in Clifton Pre — earlier in the afternoon:

West Town were runners up with their 3 prizes, but Oakeley’s took the lead being awarded 4 and the Roger Fry trophy was awarded to them for the second year in a row.

See the gallery.

Piece from House Art 2011


Best 3rd Form Girl — Charlotte Banks (OH)
Best 3rd Form Boy — Mathew Warburton (ST)
Best 4th Form Girl — Phoebe Pocock (OH)
Best 4th Form Boy — Yoo Je Hoang (NT)
5th Form Painting — Jack Scrutton (ST)
5th Form Drawing — Won Young Jeung (WaH)
5th Form Sculpture –Jack Bath (WiH)
Block II Photography — Lily Stratford (OH)
Lower 6th Painting — Katendi Heald (WT)
Lower 6th Sculpture — Emily Miles (WT)
Lower 6th Drawing — Alicia Ballance (WT)
Lower 6th Photography — Ben Arthur (SH)
Upper 6th Painting — Makissa Smeeton (WoH)
Upper 6th Sculpture — Charlie Bullimore (NT)
Upper 6th Drawing — Ryan Son (WaH)
Upper 6th Photography — Ocean Critchley-Clark (OH)

5 December 2011

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