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Johny Gill
Lower Sixth
East Town

German Lunch

German Lunch

Following the high standards of the recent modern language debates and Modern Language film nights, I was delighted to find that instead of taking up my place in the Friday lunch queue I would be doing something less traditional, joining fellow students as well as, those from Badminton and Clifton High in the 5th, 6th and Upper 6th Form; for a spot of German cuisine in the school Pavilion.

Such was my delight on hearing this that I began to imagine the German delicacies in store. Having spent much of my own summer in Germany it was not a stretch of the mind for me to picture Bratwurst and Schnitzel by the bucketful, giant pretzels and, of course, a Black Forest cherry gateau. Sadly upon lifting the lid of the buffet casket I remembered that the German department did in fact have a budget!

Nonetheless, the company was great and as soon as we had started practising our German thoughts of what was really for lunch (the remains of yesterday’s rather British-looking pork chop) went out of the window. Half an hour of jolly conversation passed and many laughs were to be had over Mr Siddons who, though strictly from the Spanish Department, surprised us with his knowledge of conversational German. The pudding was also a pleasant surprise, chocolate cheese cake.

Thus far these improvised German gatherings have proved a success. Though, I look forward to the Modern Languages upcoming “speed-dating” with a, shall we say, more open mind!

By Johnnie Gill

25 January 2012

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