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Emily King
Upper Sixth
Hallward's House

Marcus Allen: ‘The Apollo Landings — Fact or Fiction?’

Marcus Allen: ‘The Apollo Landings — Fact or Fiction?’

On Friday 24 September, guest speaker Marcus Allen lectured members of the Sixth Form on The Apollo Landings. This was a subject that a lot of us had not previously considered, as none of us were alive when these ‘alleged’ moon landings took place.

However, after a brief introduction to the history of the time, involving the Russian astronauts and the conspiracies surrounding them, as well as the controversy associated with NASA, Mr Allen soon unveiled some rather thought-provoking images.

These images suggested that perhaps NASA had indeed taken photos in controlled conditions here on Earth, as there are undoubtedly some unexplained anomalies. Mr Allen’s lecture definitely sparked much debate amongst the Sixth Form, who declared that maybe we did in fact land on the moon, but the picture quality wasn’t good enough, and we had to re-take similar photos in order to illustrate what the moon’s surface really looks like.

8 October 2010

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