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Eloise Ladkin
Upper Sixth
Hallward's House

Les Mis: The week before the show...

Les Mis: The week before the show...

This time is always tense. Voices are afraid of strain, tensions are running high and the back stage crew are starting to be summoned in order to learn the ropes — literally. Those who are late to rehearsals are strictly reprimanded.

The approaching dress rehearsals on Sunday and Monday mean that the production should be and will be very well rehearsed. I am a member of the make-up team backstage and so will be attending all performances and dress rehearsals right up to the end. My next blog will be on the dress rehearsal itself and it is important to note that the performances will be the best form of rehearsal; therefore, the last performances should be better and, obviously, more practiced than the first few.

Due to an unexpectedly high demand for ticket sales, there has been another performance scheduled for the Tuesday evening, one which is surprising but, none-the-less, most likely well-rehearsed for. The cast were not expecting this number of performances, which now are as follows: Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Friday evening and the concluding Saturday evening. I am sure, from my attendance at rehearsals, that this production will be surprisingly successful and I am also sure that a standing ovation will be very likely every night!

I am very much looking forward to working for the actual shows and everybody I have spoken to is, likewise, just as keen and excited to be involved. Not long now!

5 November 2010

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