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Emily King
Upper Sixth
Hallward's House

The Wonders of Christmas

The Wonders of Christmas

Yes, granted, we are currently within one of those chilly months leading up to December, but I mean is it really necessary for us to persist in over-compensating with our unnecessary Christmas decorations? It seems each year; something even worse comes to my attention.

Firstly, if we are going to start selling mince pies in October, let’s at least incorporate some sort of ‘Halloween’ aspect — at least then, those of us with slightly less common sense won’t get as confused. Think about it; if supermarkets mass order these mince pies, in many varieties I might add, I wonder how long they remain on the shelves? Nothing like a one month old, fat free, iced mince pie to set the heart racing. Now, I could go on forever about the evident disaster that is the mince pie industry, but let us come to my second aggravating fact. Why, oh why, do we think it is a good idea to turn on the ‘Christmas lights’ in late October or early November? Ok, so yes it is getting darker earlier, but isn’t that why we have lampposts? I would understand a bit more if, say, these lights were slightly more relevant to Christianity, but these days, lights on lampposts take the form of robins, presents, candles, holly, bells, etc. Ok, so maybe a bell could have some sort of religious connotation, but the point is — well, actually, what is the point?

Now, to perhaps one of the most frustrating thing of all: Carol singers — in November. No, not the angelic trained ones who knock on your door — no, the ones that decide to sing ‘cheery’ Christmas carols in November (out of the goodness of their hearts), regardless of whether or not they can actually sing in tune. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a hearty outburst of singing, but don’t we hear enough carols in December as it is? It seems wherever we are in these winter months, be it in a shopping centre, at home, or in the car, we are constantly bombarded with the same old tunes. Isn’t it about time we jazzed Christmas songs up a bit?

Ok, so to finish my little cynical rant, I will end with the annoyance that is the queues. It seems that now, it is in fashion to buy our Christmas presents in October in order to avoid the Christmas queues; but oh no, they are still as big as ever. With our fast-paced internet world, you’d think we would be able to evade this little conundrum wouldn’t you? Alas, no. In all fairness, we have yet to experience this year’s potential queues, however not only is it shopping queues that irritate us, but perhaps even more so, are the eternal queues of excited children waiting to visit Santa in his Grotto. Yes, it is nice to wait diligently for such a momentous occasion when you are the same age as your shoe size, but I mean have we lost all common sense. These supposed ‘Santa’s’ or ‘Father Christmases’, along with the excess of decoration, seem to become less and less like the man himself. We have the portly ones who quite obviously will never fit down a chimney, the skinny ones with one of those fake beards that is only half stuck on, and the ones that seem like they are half asleep and half awake, and are probably hoarding an array of brown paper bags ready to sip between meeting each new child. Ok, maybe that’s a little exaggerated — but you get the gist.

15 November 2010

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